Sunday, July 29, 2007

Countdown to Final Crisis

DC comic's Dan DiDio announced that in issue #26, Countdown changes it's name to Countdown to Final Crisis. While we don't know how this new Crisis will differ from the others, rumors are stating that a main character will die and that this will indeed be the final crisis.......we'll see about that last part. DC comics did reveal two promotional pics so check them out.

Whedon's and Cassaday's Astonishing Replacements has a new article up revealing the new writer and artist of Astonishing X-men. Warren Ellis will take over the writing duties while Simone Bianchi comes on as the new series artist. I can't say that I'm thrilled at these choices but I guess I should wait and see. I think they should just end the book and re-structure the teams but I know that's not going to happen so I'll try to be optimistic.

What do you guys think?

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SDCC 2007 Snyder set for Watchmen has details on Zach Snyder's new movie, Watchmen. I think everyone is a bit nervous about adapting Watchmen to the big screen but I don't think any of us can complain about 300 so bring it on!

Check out the article here

SDCC 2007 Amazing Spider-man One More Day Talent unveiled has an article detailing the full lineup of the new Amazing Spider-man book. The book will ship three times a month and will be the only Spider-man book for Marvel, so while I'm a little nervous about the whole idea, there's some good writers and artists involved so I'm looking forward to it.

Read the interview here.

SDCC 2007 Iron Man Footage

This footage of Iron Man showed up on youtube and we just have to share it with you guys. It looks amazing and the CGI at the end....I just can't wait!