Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Episode 42- Final Crisis Rogue's Revenge #1

We're back from hiatus and ready to review some books! Eric chose Final Crisis:Rogue's Revenge as the best book of the week because it's Geoff Johns writing the characters he loves and that equals comic goodness. We also discuss several books from this week and last such as Captain America White, JSA, Batgirl,Mighty Avengers, Secret Invasion and more. We give you our thoughts of the Watchmen and new Terminator trailers and discuss the biggest movie of the summer, The Dark Knight.

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E3 2008 Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe was teased a while ago and while I was skeptical about the concept, I figured I would wait until I saw more footage to make my judgements. After seeing the new E3 trailer I am really against this game. It's weird to say,because I feel like such an "adult" but seeing my favorite DC characters in a gore ridden game......those are two worlds that I don't want to see together. Plus more than GTA or a regular Mortal Kombat game, this is going to attract the attention of smaller kids and I think that's a problem.

Here's the trailer though, judge for yourselves

E3 2008 DC Universe Online

Jim Lee came out during Sony's keynote speech at E3 to show off a trailer of the new DC Universe online game. A MMO game based in the DCU that lets you create your own hero or villain and then interact with the greatest names in the DC universe.