Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Book of the Week 9/10/08 Ultimate Origins #4

Written by Brian Michael bendis
Art by Butch guise
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Cory Petiit

Wow this was a very pleasant surprise.

I've been reading Ultimate Origins since the beginning and I've been been enjoying it but it's never jumped out at me. I guess I find myself looking at it and scratching my head. I love the origin story and the creepy towers and how everything is connected but I think what's kept me from loving this story is that it's setting up Ultimatum, an event that I'm not looking forward and I think that's affecting the way I see this book.

All that aside, this issue was so good that I just went with it straight from the beginning. When we were at the Emerald City Con last year, at a Q & A Bendis said there were a lot of plans for Nick Fury and that we would finally get a Nick fury origin story. In the last issue we were given a glimpse but we got a lot more Fury in this issue and that's never a bad thing.

Ultimate Origins was advertised with the idea that so many things and people in the Ultimate universe were connected without knowing it and I was a little hesitant by that idea but things really came together in this issue and I just absolutely loved it.

We find out what motivates Nick Fury, how Peter's parents died and more and the issue ended with the reveal of the Ultimate Watcher and I knew, hands down, at that point that this was the book of the week.