Thursday, November 29, 2007

Book of the Week 11/29/07 Green Lantern Corps #18

Written by Peter Tomasi
Pencils by Patrick Gleason and Jamal Igle
Inks by Jerry Ordway
Colors by Guy Major

I wish I could say that something really stood out this week. In all my "regular" books, I felt a little let down. Per Davids advice however I picked up several of the back issues of Green Lantern Corps lately and mostly enjoyed them. Issue 18 was one of the last books in my pile this week and while already feeling let down by most of my books, I was surprised and quite enjoyed spending some time with a character I had already dismissed. I got to know him a bit better.

Sodam Yat is the new Ion. I had previously stated my problems with this...his "kryptonian" like powers, his brashness, etc. However, this issue gave him a backstory as we are shown through flashbacks, the life Sodam had growing up and what turned him into a soldier. The flashbacks are shown during Sodams fight with Superman Prime. With both of their "super" powers acting up, this was really a battle royal! The panels of them using their heat vision on eachother and "burning till their wasn't anything left to burn" was great. Even though I had mentioned that I didn't enjoy how quick Sodam seemed to jump into trouble, this issue really made me admire his fortitude and his soldier like personality. He is not Kyle, Hal, John, or even Guy. Sodam is a whole new Lantern. This story almost made me believe he was going to beat SP...and that kid needs a beating! While I'm still unsure about Sodam being the new Ion, I do think he will be one of the more memorable GL corps members for years to come.

Gleason and Igles artwork in this book was great. While it may not have the refinement of the art on its big sister book, there is so much kinetic feeling on the pages. Nothing ever seems to be sitting still. This factor made story elements like the SP battle seem to go on forever, and at the end of the book, I really felt why Sodam would be starting to falter. Tomasi makes a bold move in this issue by focusing on only one character in what is essentially a team book. No other GL is really present in this issue. While I don't believe that Sodam could carry his own book all the time, I liked narrowing the focus just this once to give more depth to a character the writers obviously want us to care about. Make mine Green Lantern Corps!