Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Book of the Week 8/27/08 New Avengers #44

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils by Billy Tan
Inks by Matt Banning
Colors by Justin Ponsor

Richaaaarrrrdddsss!!!! To be fair it's not really his fault...and it kinda is. Of course I refer to what I've just read in New Avengers #44. Turns out those pesky Skrulls really cooked up something devious to overcompensate for their lack of imagination and overall smarts. I loved this story for several reasons but I was shocked at the sheer brutality of the Skrull's research. While disappointed by the Illuminati appearance, it was cool to see them together again. I also found myself laughing at the Skrull's seeming lack of any subtly regarding anytime they end an experiment. Instead of hitting a switch or something, it's set blasters to kill! Oh those silly Skrulls!

I've been enjoying these back stories slightly better than the main title and that's not to say the whole of Secret Invasion hasn't been enjoyable. It's just been alot of fun finding out what we haven't been seeing over the last several years. Bendis has also done a great job of making me like Reed Richards who was a character I've never found particularly interesting especially after his actions during the civil war. Overall, the reveal of how the Skrull's were finally able to become successful was a great twist and really shows how integral Richards is to the Skrull's relationship with the rest of the Marvel U.

Tan's art is mainly good with the exception of a few panels where faces look a little melty. Tan does however push the brutality factor and helps convey just how much most of the Skrulls hate humanity. This is juxtaposed with very touching moments such as the scene between Reed and Franklin which would be quite touching under normal circumstances.

Overall, New Avengers continues to be the showcase for the best of the Secret Invasion action. With major reveals in almost every issue, it's great that Bendis is finally letting us in on things that have been playing out in his head over the last few years.