Thursday, August 7, 2008

Book of the Week 8/6/08 Spider-man Loves Mary Jane #1

Written by Terry Moore
Art by Craig Rousseau
Colors by Guilliem Mari
Letters by Dave Sharpe

Now this was a treat

I've heard good things about the Spider-man loves Mary jane book but just haven't taken the time to check it out. I've really been trying to pick up new things lately and when I saw that Terry Moore was writing this issue I just had to pick it up and I'm really glad that I did.

This book take place out of continuity and it just a fun look at the Midtown high gang and the high-jinks that they get up to. I've referred to Saved By The Bell various times in the podcast and that's what this book felt like, it was just a little teen drama with our familiar Spider-man characters and I loved it. Everyone's involved and it's great to see things from Mary jane's point of view. He doesn't like Gwen because she's insecure about who Gwen is and when Peter comes around, you can just tell her heart's a flutterin'

One thing that I really loved about this book is that Peter Parker is truly a nerd. Moore makes the statement that Peter is taking all IB classes which is something that Peter would be involved in and more importantly Craig Rousseau truly draws Peter as a short, skinny, frail looking boy and I cannot remember the last time he was presented that way.

I've heard a lot of positive things about Terry Moore so I was looking forward to picking this up and I was impressed. I don't plan on reading Strangers in Paradise(just doesn't seem like my kind of book) but I hope he plans to stay on this title and after this issue I am definitely adding this to my box.

With so much going on in this week like time bullets and Skrulls, a crazy Batman and Hulk fighting the god of thunder, this was just a breath of fresh air and I enjoyed every minute of it.