Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Book of the Week 4/09/08 Echo #2

Story and Art by Terry Moore

A lot of big books came out this week that I was really excited about. While many were thoroughly enjoyable, I really wanted to take this week to acknowledge the shear talent that is Terry Moore. This weeks issue of Echo continues to entertain and showcase Moores art.

Echo is the story of a government experiment gone wrong. A weaponized combat suit which has been secretly developed is lost in an explosion during a test run. Said suit rains down in a million pieces over a desert where our heroine is taking pictures. Pieces of the suit attach themselves to her, recreating part of itself and getting stuck in the process. That was issue one. This chapter deals with Julie, the main character, dealing with the fallout of having part of a weird metallic suit attach itself to her. Her confusion and reaction are very entertaining, especially the doctor and shower scene. Meanwhile we learn that the owners of the suit have started hunting for it. This book feels alot like a science fiction prime time television show. The pacing and characterizations are great.

With this book, Moore makes a drastic departure from his more familiar SIP material. The story works well though and mixes action and intrigue with the more familiar small character moments that Moore is known for. While the artwork is consistently great, it is still hard to not see SIP characters. I think for me, it will just take time to get used to seeing a new cast in this style. The thing I really love about Moores art is that the characters look like actual people and are not over-emphasized like we typically see in most comics. It's really refreshing.

Terry Moore has taken a chance on a new type of story that people weren't probably expecting but he's done a great job at setting up and executing a new and exciting premise.