Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Book of the Week 10/1/08 Cable #7

Written by Duane Swiercynski
Art by Areil Olivetti
Letters by Joe Caramagna

OK so Cable #7 was the best book that I read this week.......but not to disrespect the book but it was down to either this or Trinity.

That being said, this book.....not too bad.

While the first 5 issues of Cable took us on a dragged out story of Nathan running from Bishop, issue 6 with Cyclops seems to have changed the direction of the book, something that it desperately needed. I wasn't aware of how much had changed until I picked up this issue and was surprised to see a red headed toddler running around.

Yes Cable is further into the future and the Messiah baby, is no longer a baby. Bishop went back to the present and had some scheme to take down Cable from there but was captured by X-Force and taken to Cyclops for questioning. Upon testing, Hank finds out that Bishop has actually been gone for 4 and a half years so it looks like the messiah baby should be around 5 years old.

More characters is what this book sorely needs and had the book been like this issue all along, I would have been more sympathetic to the series as a whole. I still think the biggest weight holding this book down is the art. Swiercynski's art isn't bad by any means but it also isn't good. One of the reason's that everyone seems to hate Cable is because they think of him and they see this huge bulking character with guns's just too much. Cable doesn't need t more realistic artist but Swiercynski is just a bad fit, this book needs an artist that can tone it done a little and not make the characters look so stiff.

All in all I'm happier with this book now than I've ever been. This was a very slow week for books but I'm happy to see this story progressing and it was very obvious that Cable and this baby will be back with the X-men fairly shortly and that can't happen soon enough.