Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Book of the Week 9/26/07 X-men # 203

Written by Mike Carey
Pencils by Humberto Ramos
Inks by Carlos Cuevas
Coloring by Edgar Delgado
Lettering by Cory Petit

I haven't been a huge fan of Mike Carey's run on X-men, in fact I haven't really liked it at all but ever since X-men #200, Carey has been on a great stride. In this issue we're still dealing with the aftermath of issue #200 and the return of the marauders and Mystique's betrayal and while there is a lot of stuff going on, Carey has a firm grip on these characters and the separate story lines of the issue so the issue flows really well. (This only applies to current and probably long time X-men fans. This is not a jump on point by any means.)

Humberto Ramos is always a little hit and miss with me but i really like what he's doing here on X-men. It seems like he's toned his art down a little over the years so that it's not quite as dynamic and childish. I've always loved his character designs and I think he's a great fit for X-men right now.

The main reason that I had to pick this as the book of the week is because a lot of stuff went down in this issue. Sinister finally showed his head and took down Cannonball and Iceman in a single blow. There was some great developments with Blindfold, the precog new x-man and it seems that something big is looming over the horizon and Mr. Carey has me really excited about the next couple of issues.