Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Book of the week 6/6/07 New Warriors #1

Written by Kevin Grevioux
Art by Paco Medina

You know I had one big problem with Civil War that I never really expressed. A lot of people were upset about the delays, everyone was complaining about the ending, that stuff didn't bother me. What really bothered me was how the New Warriors were displayed in Civil War.

I got hooked on comics when I was in the third grade and there are two books I can thank for that. Amazing spider-man and the New Warriors. I just loved that book, back in the day with Thrasher, Marvel boy, Nova, Namorita, Speedball, sil and Firestar. It was such a great book! If you haven't read those issues, and I don't think a lot of people have, the coolest thing it can be compared to is marvel's version of the titans. Like a lot of books it lost it's way an eventually got canceled but a couple of years ago I saw that they were releasing a New Warriors mini-series and I was really anticipating it. Boy was it a let down. They turned the warriors into clowns that were trying to do a reality super hero show, totally out of all character.

I was very upset that marvel not only killed this team but did so in such a throw away fashion.....and then I read this issue.....and I was back in the third grade again. Kevin Grevioux did a great job with this book and I love Paco Medina's art. I was really sad to see him leave New X-men Academy but now I'm happy he left. In a surprising move, this first issue follows one mysterious hero and two former new x-men who were de-powered after M-day, Sofia and ....Beak!!! A human Beak. We learn that someone is trying to re-assemble the New Warriors and in the last page we get a shot of someone in the night thrasher costume. The question is, is it Dwayne Taylor. I really hope so, he's such a great character and would really have a place in the post Civil War marvel universe. I was really worried when I found out that marvel was re-launching this book but after this issue I am completely on board!!!!

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