Sunday, June 3, 2007

Eric's Pick 05/30/07 Green Lantern #20

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Daniel Acuna

Welcome to the first weekly pick here at fanboysstrikeback! Briefly covering our format, each week, myself or David will pick our favorite book that came out that week and write a review. The hand of fate has chosen me this week and my pick was Green Lantern #20. I've really been bored with the many of the story arcs in this book until lately. It seemed DC brought Hal Jordan back from the dead without giving him any direction to go in (which they've done with several other characters as well). Within the last several issues though Geoff Johns has really started to tie Hal back into his original supporting cast. I've enjoyed seeing Hal have to deal with his relationships to Carol, Tom, and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. in light of what he did in the past. This last arc has also brought back the star sapphire which is a great contrast to the green lantern corps. I think Johns has really found how to write Hal Jordan as the cocky pilot character he is. I enjoyed seeing Hal dealing with his past girlfriend and his current one at the same time. Daniel Acuna has also done a great job on the artwork in this book over the last several issues. The part that really got me excited was the last page and seeing a growing collection of lanterns. Something is brewing and it looks to be big!

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