Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Book of the Week 10/10/07 Green Lantern #24

Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Ivan Reis
Inks by Oclair Albert and Julio Ferreira
Colors by Moose Baumann
Letters by Rob Leigh

Are you kidding me?

Seriously, you have to be kidding me!

I honestly didn't think a single issue could be this good!!!

I know that we have picked Green Lantern titles a lot since the Sinestro Corps War started and with good reason, because the books are fantastic, but when I saw that Green Lantern #24 was coming out this week I decided then and there that it couldn't be the book of the week no matter how good it was.......

I guess I should just give up trying to fight Johns' work.

The main reason why I pick this book is because it was by leaps and bounds, the best issue of the Sinestro Corps storyline so far and all the prior issues have also been fantastic. I'm not sure how long Johns has been planning this but honestly a grand kudos goes out to him for one of the greatest storylines in comics, without a doubt.

We're really getting to the final hour of the war here and you actually feel that reading this book, I honestly got chills upon reading the last page. Reis really needs to be commended just as much as Johns with his book because the art is stellar. It's very crisp, extremely clean and I love his facial expressions, they really lend to the tone of the book. Something else that Eric and I am keep on mentioning is the coloring in this book and really coloring is key to a Green Lantern book, but with this war going on and the distinct parallel between will and green and fear and yellow, well Mr. Moose Baumann has also done a brilliant job.

Simply put, not only is this storyline exact what a big event should be, but Green Lantern #24 is the perfect example of what a single comic book should be. It was fun, engaging, moving, humorous, epic.......I could go on forever.

Bottom Line: Go read this book, and after that......go tell everyone else to read it also!

Great work DC!

Ganthet: "Will you forgo your elevated status and accept this ring again?"

Kyle Rayner: " Hell, yes"

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