Thursday, December 13, 2007

Book of the Week 12/12/07 Green Lantern #25

Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Ivan Reis & Ethan Van Sciver
Inks by Oclair albert, Julio Ferreira & Ivan Reis
Coloring by Moose Baumann & Rod Reis
Letters by Rob Leigh

There hasn't been any question that Eric and I have loved the Sinestro Corps War storyline in Green Lantern, GL titles have dominated the books of the week in the past months with everything leading up into this issue and I have to admit I was doubting Johns. How could everything get tied up? How could this story that has been so good so far end on a great note? I really didn't think it was going to happen and boy was I wrong.

About a month back I both mentioned that Johns could be writing the definitive Green Lantern story and I no longer believe that he "could" do it.

He did do it.

In this issue we are bombarded with the Lantern essence, past, present and future. We finally see what The Blackest Night is. We learn of 7 different lanterns based on 7 different emotions and 7 different corps! We know why the Green Lanterns are green, what happens to Prime, the anti-monitor, the cyborg, everything was wrapped up. It was simply incredible. Every now and then there comes a comic, something a single issue, sometimes a series that is so good that it makes you stop and think about how much you love comics in the first place. This book makes you love and appreciate comics, this book is a book that you recommend, this story, this issue, truly was perfect.

Ivan Reis and Van Sciver, the inkers, the colorists, the lettering. It was perfect. Last week Eric and I had a bitter taste in our mouths because issue #25 was late and there was a filler and that means nothing to me anymore. I can't say anything bad about this book at all. I wish it would have got more attention, I loved Infinite Crisis, I actually think I liked it a lot more then most people but I believe that this is the best story that DC has put out since the Death of Superman and I wish it would be received a little more attention.

That being said I'm just glad this story was given to us, I absolutely cannot wait for The Blackest Night in 2009!

Final Crisis? Who cares! I want to read about the CORPS!

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