Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekly Review Podcast Episode 25 Green Arrow/Black Canary #4

Eric picked Green Arrow/Black Canary #4 as the book of the week because of how powerfully emotional it was and gives credit to Winick and Chiang for the great work they're doing on the book. We also discuss Green Lantern Corps, Nightwing, Countdown and more. We give you guys an in-depth review of Amazing Spider-man #546 the first issue of Brand New Day and finish the podcast off with the top 5 comic events we're looking forward to in 2008

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Anonymous said...

A couple of things about your review of Amazing Spider-Man #546:

Only the first issue is $3.99.
From the second issue on the price goes back to normal at $2.99.

The extra $1 for the first issue got you 3 extra pages of McNiven art, the three back-ups, the 2 page thing by Romita Jr., and a letters page.

Also, there were new cast members in the book: Harry's new girlfriend, her best friend (the cop), the girl who's after Peter (the one who was kissing him on the first page), and Aunt May's boss.

So it was a mix of old cast members (Aunt May, Betty, Harry, Jonah, and Robbie) and new ones.

David said...

You bring up some good points and I just found out about the price differences.

I know there were new cast members and that you would get to see more of them but I just think it's too much to see the entire Spidey gang back again. It was bad enough seeing harry and Flash but when I saw that Betty Brant I thought I went back 20 years.

I guess we'll just see how things go from here