Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Hulk trailer

Marvel released the new Hulk trailer today and while I've been on the fence about out, this new trailer looks pretty sweet. Check it out below

Or you can check it out in HD on quicktime here


Anonymous said...

Wow. I like the new trailer but I'm still not convinced it will be an EXCELLENT movie. I'm starting to think Hulk is cursed when it comes to movie making, he's just too one-dimensional (i'm big, i'm mean, and i smash). Watching the trailer, I just think, "Mmm this movie won't be monumental." But if anyone can pool it off, it ought to be Edward Norton

-Chris Mayland

Eric said...

I totally agree with you Chris. I've never been a Hulk fan for whatever reason. I've felt he lacked as much depth as other characters and can't really relate to his stories.