Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weekly Review Podcast Episode 35- Echo #2

Eric picked Echo #2 by Terry Moore as the book of the week because it's a little like Strangers in Paradise but it's also nothing like Strangers in Paradise. We also discuss JSA #14, Countdown #3, Fantasic Four #556 and more. We go in depth on the new Titan's series to see if it's any good and if we'll stick with it and with Tomasi's return to Green Lantern Corps with issue #23 we reflect on the Corps as a whole give our opinions on whether the Corps book is necessary. We finish off the show with Eric requesting a little help from all you gamers out there, so listen it and help him out!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

What's your opinion on the current Ultimates run?

I've been very dissapointed in the whole book during this run, feeling as if the characterizations are off and that the book's direction is seriously diverting form the original vision that made this comic so successful and loved.

My main beef is concerning Maduriera, I feel as if he mistakenly thinks he's drawing for regular Avengers. I hate Thor's new look and new hammer. I hate Iron Man's armor. I hate Hawkeye's cartoony costume. And I hate the color of Captain America's gloves and boots (red instead of the original brown). Someone remind Maduriera which universe he's drawing for.

Thor is a completely different character, new accent and all.

I just hate what those two jerks are doing with the run. I feel so frustrated when creative teams come in on a book and have no respect or understanding of what that book is and what it took to get it to it's current popularity. They then proceed to do whatever they feel like with no responsibility to remain true to the roots because they believe their own ideas are the only ones that matter.

I feel that they're running that book into the ground and are setting up a need to recon everything they're doing.

Why can't writers and artists have more appreciation of an established property and focus on using that history to tell a great story, vs. what Loeb and Maduriera are doing by disregarding it and trying to create something entirely different (well, in this case, duplicate the world this series was supposed to be radically different from).

I mean seriously, I can't help but think, "Are they that desparate to work on regular Avengers?"

And to make matters worse, I just read through Fantastic Four with Bryan Hitch and I feel like the regular Marvel universe is going to start looking like the Ulimates. I can forgive the facial drawings (that's just Hitch's style), but Hitch's C.A.P. robot is way too similar to his robot designs on Ultimates. Does he have to make FF look just like his work in Ulitimates? I half expect next issue to feature C.A.P. remove his helmet and have Ultimate Tony Stark make a guest appearance.

- Chris Mayland

David said...

You bring up some good points Chris and I think I agree with you.

I love Joe Mad's art as I have said various times on the podcast and I don't mind what he's doing on Ultimates, I actually really like it. It does look a lot different than what Hitch was doing but I don't mind that.

I don't understand what Loeb is doing on the book though. I've always been a huge fan of Jeph Loeb but his writing has been a little off since his god awful Wolverine run. This book doesn't seem to have any focus or path and yes, like you said, it seems to be more of an Avengers book than an Ultimates book and that's really upsetting after Millar and Hitch's run.

As for Fantastic Four, I don't really have any complaints there, I think that's just Hitch's style. I agree with you that it looks a lot like the ultimates but that doesn't really bother me and I feel like it fits the book with the all of the epic science ideas and such.

I'm not sure what to think of the Cap robot.

Glad to see you on here though Chris, I hope we hear more from you!