Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekly Review Podcast Episode 36- X-men Divided We Stand #1

I chose X-men:Divided We Stand #1 as book of the week this week because I was surprised by how well the characters were written and blown away by some of the emotional punches of the book. Eric and I also discuss Countdown to Final Crisis #2, Captain America #37, Avengers:Initiative #11 and more. We finish off the show with a little listener feedback and discuss the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs. DC video game.

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Anonymous said...


I might share your love of the Robin comic if the art was better. What you call "excellent pencils" I call shabby, weak, and unacceptable compared to the standards being achieved in other books. I just can't spend money on a book with lame artwork, it's some of the plainest, cheapest stuff out there. I flip through the pages and think, "They didn't even try. Either the artist didn't try, or just can't do good pencils with any detail or realism, or the editors are too cheap to hire someone who can." I hear your love for the comic, so with every new issue I flip through, and always drop it back down.

Anonymous said...